Company Background

KAZAI INNOVATIVE IDEAS SOLUTION (KAZAI IDEAS) is owned by dynamic Bumiputra aims to partner its client with appropriate approach in accomplishing clients’ objective and business growth. Incorporated in 6 June 2014 and has been operated since to offer resources and share their unique expertise in various areas of :

  • Malaysia Halal (JAKIM) Certification management, training, documentation and auditing
  • product marketing and services
  • preparing conceptual proposal for projects and infrastructure
  • product survey within the current market
  • coordinate trainings, development programmes, courses and
  • motivational based activities
  • secretarial and administrative services
  • events management and promotions

Our proficient team members have vast experiences to assist clients in consulting potential business prospects and association with the current market needs. Participation in seminars, conferences and events complements the understanding in handling the requirements while upholding professionalism and confidentiality at all times..


Company Objective

Our objective is to ensure the ideas cascaded are aligned in meeting customers’ objective and goals. To deliver correct and clear information about the subject matter and assist to the maximum requirement of our clients.